Interview and show on “Balkanika Music Television”

Here is an exclusive video from Balkanika Music Television, interviewing “Paul D” in Sofia, Bulgaria about his work and includes an interview then a live video from his show with “Swag on Tour” at the PM Club. The video premiered on “Balkan Stories” 2-12-2014 -19:00 and 23:00 as well as 3-12-2014 – 12:00 and 20:00 in various countries. “Balkanika Music Television” is …

Bulgaria – Swag show update!

Since 2014 and after the Swag show in W club thessaloniki, Paul D has performed multiple times in Bulgaria with “The Swag Team” by Zan Agency and Black Vanity. The Top club PM Club hosted the event every month while it was also performed in various other 5* nightclubs in Bulgaria. This is considered one of the best shows in …

Annet Artani feat Paul D New track – Revolution.

New track with Britney Spears back up vocalist and lyricist Annet Artani “Fame Story” “Eurovision Cyprus” is being worked on and will be released with a music video shoot in Greece. Annet wrote the hit track “Every time” for Britney Spears and has been starring in movies and series in the USA along with doing shows ever since. The two …

Toy Room Mykonos with Paul D!

Paul D entertained the crowd on the microphone live at “Toy Room” the notorious and creme de crop British nightclub that opened this year in Mykonos. Paul performed for 2 nights in a row (28-29 June 2015) before traveling back to Athens to finish video projects he is currently working on as a director and ready his show for Bulgaria! The busy …

Opening up with Lava for Hadzigiannis.

Paul D opening up show for Hadzigiannis at 21:00 with Lava on the 25th of July 2014 at the Ardas Festival Greece. The turn up was a remarkable, over 10.000 people showed up to this all day festival. Here is part of the show below.    

Tequila Party Mix by Panik Records features Paul D.

Μια «μεθυστική» συλλογή από 15 ultra hot tracks κυκλοφορεί από την Panik Records! Aπολαύστε τους : Μηδενιστή, Kώστα Μαρτάκη, Demy, Θωμαή Απέργη, Marios Brasil, DJKAS, Paul D και part-αρετε άφοβα! Η συλλογή με τίτλο «Tequila Party» είναι διαθέσιμη στο ψηφιακό κατάστημα των iTunes στην τιμή των 6,99€. Αναλυτικά, τα τραγούδια που περιέχει η συλλογή είναι τα εξής: 1. «The Sun» (Jesus Cutino & Calles De Cube Remix) – Alex Leon feat. Demy & Epsilon 2. «Paradise» – …

MTV Now playing Paul D!

“Back in Athens Bitch” by Paul D and his group Deep Connection is sharing airplay on MTV Greece.

Top 100 Airplay 2013 Greece.

Deep Connection and Paul D’s track “Back in Athens Bitch” was listed in the Top 100 Airplay for Greece in 2013 as a new track at number 98, only to climb to the top of the tracks later that year. Link here.

Mad TV Greece – Top 50.

Paul D’s track with Deep Connection “Back in Athens Bitch” is on MAD TV TOP 50 and playing everyday throughout the day on MAD TV! The video was also directed and produced by Paul D himself! View the official video below.

Balkanika Music Television.

Paul D’s track “Back in Athens Bitch” is playing throughout Bulgaria, Serbia and Albania on BALKANIKA MUSIC TELEVISION. BALKANIKA MUSIC TELEVISION is part of the media group of FAN TV LTD with headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria. FAN TV LTD is also the owner of the Bulgarian channels FAN and FOLKLOR.